Our Solutions Offered

Fabricated Parts

In-house die making capability affords our customers the ability to purchase short runs with minimal tooling expense. The vast array of soft goods in our inventory allows a diverse offering of gaskets, seals, flaps, dampers and many other special-shaped requirements. In addition, we slit, apply PSA, cut to length and perform other general first-operation processes. All of these can be provided individually or kitted.


Global Sourcing

GT has more than 20 years experience sourcing products globally, and understands the challenges of balancing just-in-time (JIT) inventory with long lead-time items. Working with GT and our sources eliminates the risks and complexities of international trade and provides savings without the large investment in inventory. We offer a wide variety of high quality manufactured parts including castings, formed metal parts, weldments, machined parts, complex assemblies and injection molded plastics.



GT combines our cutting-edge inventory management technology with industry-leading vending systems. We provide vending solutions that customize control exactly where you need it — even down to the individual nut, bolt or washer! GT has many customers to whom we have introduced vending as a supply solution, and no two programs are exactly the same. Our team learns your business and needs before offering a plan. GT has a variety of machine types to choose from including coil machines, lockers and even advanced automated solutions. When implemented properly, vending can reduce waste, maximize production time and offer detailed cost accounting most companies have never before enjoyed. Having accountability at the individual employee level is very effective at reducing waste and accurately tracking just where your supply dollars are going. It can also ensure that mission critical tools or supplies are available anytime they are needed, without having to rely on a crib attendant. With certified technicians on staff for installation, maintenance and training, GT is truly your partner in vending, not just another company with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to vending.



Design Assistance

GT coordinates with our domestic and offshore suppliers to help our customers enhance their current designs or design new products from their own creative vision. We work regularly with the engineering departments of our customers, many of which are major manufacturers, to ensure that we provide the right product, on time at the most competitive price. Over seventy years of experience have allowed GT to anticipate production issues, even in the design phase, thus saving our customers time and money.


Hose Assembly

We have the capability to fabricate custom and production hydraulic and industrial hoses with minimal notice. Using quality components from Parker Hannifin, Kanaflex, PT Coupling, and many other manufacturers, you can be sure we can provide a hose assembly that will work for your application. With the quality systems and in-house test equipment available, we can ensure meeting customer specifications.

Integrated Supply

Integrated supply, also known as vendor-managed inventory and other names, is all about delivering better results by bringing suppliers and customers closer together.

Traditional purchasing processes can be cumbersome and expensive, especially when used for low-value items. Creating lower-cost, more highly-integrated processes can reduce inventory, prevent shortages, reduce waste and save time along the way. Often we can deliver these benefits AND provide lower piece-prices.
As a leader in integrated supply throughout the states we serve, we are committed to developing an integrated supply program tailored to fit your company’s specific goals and needs.

Our dedicated staff is knowledgeable about the vast variety of integrated supply programs available and willing to analyze your operation to suggest the program that will best suit your needs. Our commitment to providing you with a system to meet your specific goals and needs has allowed us to develop programs with state-of-the-art software packages as well as to link your existing inventory management system to ours. We offer the latest in computer hardware, bar-code technology and electronic data interchange (EDI) to provide our customers with the most effective inventory management tools.

Our systems will provide you with numerous customized capabilities to enhance your current system and to track the savings that our integrated supply programs will provide. As a first-line distributor, we will continue to support our products and customers with the latest in technical expertise and new product information.


Product/Process Training

We know you are busy running your business. Perhaps you don’t have the time to stay up on the latest developments in products and technology to make sure you have every advantage over your competition. That’s where we come in. We want to be a professional resource and trusted consultant for you.

Our sales teams, along with the manufacturers we partner with, provide valuable training, process improvements and specialized knowledge. We have dedicated specialists on staff to help train you and your personnel to maximize their productivity and find the very best products for your particular needs. We are a Premier 3M Distributor with certified product specialists at each of our Omaha, Kansas City and Wichita locations, and a Master Distributor for Sika adhesives. Our product and process training — both internally and to our customers — allows us to deliver cheaper holes, not just a cheaper drill; leak-free solutions, not just cheaper hose.

Simply put, we deliver more than competitive prices. We deliver better solutions.



Nuisance Purchasing

With our current customizable technology, we are able to put systems in place that help make nuisance purchasing flow through our customers process as seamlessly as their high-volume, high-dollar purchases. This not only allows our customers a smoother purchasing process but puts controls and traceability around these types of purchases.


MRP Analysis/Demand Management

We have created tools that instantly analyze customer’s changing MRP or demand-driven requirements. We are able to react quickly when their demands change and orders need to be adjusted. These tools also allow us to help our customers plan phase-in or -out design or model changes, thus reducing their obsolete inventory.